Can you accomodate walk ins?

Yes we can accomodate walk ins but appointments are recomended. 

Can you accomodate a party like a wedding, work function or a birthday party?

Yes we can accomodate a variety of parties.  We have seven pedicure chairs and six manicure stations.  Please book an appointment to make sure we are properly staffed.

How long do fake nails typically last?

Fake nails typically last 4-5 weeks however depending on how fast your nails grow, they need to be re-filled every 3-5 weeks.  If your nails grow fast, it will need to be re-filled in 3 weeks.  If they grow slow, you can go 5 weeks before they need to be re-filled.  Please come in and see our knowledgeable staff and we can recommend a solution that is right for you.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes, we have gift cards.

Can I book online?

We currently do no have the ability to take online reservations but this is something we are working on.